40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary

This October marks the beginning of the C. A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center’s 40th year of impact. We are excited to celebrate this milestone in several different ways as the year unfolds, and we will continually update this page to make timely announcements about how you can join the celebration.

Our year of celebration will culminate with a “Dinner at the Vine’s” farm-to-table ticketed event in October 2021.

As part of our year-long celebration, we are hoping to collect stories, photos, videos and other memories from those who’ve enjoyed and benefitted from spending time at the Center over the years. If you’d like to share some of your history with us, we’d love to share it with others.

How has the C. A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center had an impact on you? Do you have pictures, videos or other memorabilia connected to the center that you’d like to share? Please let us know by emailing info@arkansas4hfoundation.com and we will get back in touch with you right away.

This is an opportunity to share “Our” Center, and honor those who’ve dedicated so many resources to provide the state of Arkansas with such a treasure. Thank you for celebrating with us!

(Here’s an article written recently by Janet Carson about the Center and her connection with the earliest days).